PICADILLY wants your store to reach new success!

We will work with you to develop a PICADILLY boutique set-up within your store to attract new customers and excite existing patrons! Contact our Customer Service team to learn more about the First and Second Tier offering at

Some of the benefits include:


First Tier are stores that book $10k per season. 


Second Tier are stores that book $25k per season. 



First Tier get:

  • Priority and free shipping 

  • Personal concierge customer service

  • 15% off all reorders 

  • Free POP materials from our visual merchandising booklet

  • Co-op Advertising Allowance up to 5% of your Annual Bookings


Second Tier get:

  • All of First Tier plus+

  • Reorder discount increased to 20%

  • Picadilly Wood logo hangers

  • Complimentary TV in store with Runway video or Behind the Scenes.

  • Special Mention on Picadilly’s Website

  • Will promote store on Picadilly’s social media

  • Optional Picadilly trunk show per season. Picadilly will send in all goods for the show and pay for shipping both directions. Needs to be coordinated with sales agent. 

Kindly call Charlie Lytle Sells! for any additional questions!